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Is All Jewellery Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?

February 23, 2020

There are so many more conscious minded people in the world now. Veganuary throughout January is where these people can do something for the planet (as well as their own sense of wellbeing) and feel like they’re making a difference. Many people carry on beyond January and become Vegan permanently. For this reason, we wanted to highlight some aspects of Veganism that aren’t just food related.

There is certainly no shortage of demand when it comes to bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and watches, which implies a constant supply of materials come from unethical sources. The conscious revolution that many industries are experiencing has also impacted the jewellery sector.

In many ways, jewellery represents one of the most environment-harming industries, also killing countless animals every year. Conscious customers have been looking for an alternative and the strongest option in this regard is the vegan jewellery market. This eco-friendly option represents an effective way to dress well without ignoring what is happening to our planet or being part of the problem.

Nonetheless, customers need to be aware as many vegan jewellery products aren’t what they say they are. Before paying for a couple vegan bracelets, question everything.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. Regular jewellery is used to include unethical materials that we all know, such as leather. Using leather in mens jewellery is always popular due to its masculine aesthetic. It’s clear that, in terms of conscious vegan customers, this is unacceptable.

Now, we’ve noticed that some customers ignore crucial facts while companies take advantage of the situation. A highly popular material such as pearls represent a big negative for conscious customers, but most people ignore the cruelty behind their production. On the one hand, genuine pearls are harvested from different clam species, killing them in the process. On the other, even imitation pearls take a big toll from coral reefs, which are used to produce the replications that are so abundant today.

Another material that often tricks customers into believing it’s veganism is elephant hair. Truth be told, elephant hair is usually produced by companies that dedicate to harvest the material from the ground, at places where the animal rubbed itself. However, there is highly likely that other organizations are also killing these animals in order to retrieve, along with other things, elephant hair.

Boutique 22 is proud to say we are vegan. Our materials are sourced ethically and are also nickel free so are fantastic for people with any allergies to metals. Our CEO herself has a strong allergy to nickel which flares up within 10 minutes of it being in her earlobes, so is living proof of this!


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