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Valentine's Day - Gifts for her

February 02, 2020

Jewellery, flowers and chocolate are some of the most common gifts given each Valentine’s Day, and jewellery tends to be the popular choice for this romantic day. If you want to give the lady you love a special piece of jewellery this Valentine’s Day, look no further than Boutique 22, based in South Yorkshire, UK.

While all women should have a beautiful piece of heart-shaped jewellery in their collection, there are other great options for Valentine’s Day gifts that are equally unique and eloquent, and symbolise your love.

Since there are many options for meaningful jewellery this Valentine’s Day, why not consider the latest trend in jewellery for the woman you love. Boutique 22 recommends a circular piece. As we know, a circle has no beginning and no end, it has no break which symbolises a strong never ending relationship. The relationship can be one of love or friendship. 


"Isabelle" |

Three-stoned jewellery is also a popular gift idea as it symbolizes the “past, present, and future,” that you are sharing with this special woman in your life. We recommend these beautiful pieces as a great Valentine’s gift this year as they have a little sparkle to them too. Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkly jewellery?!


"Trinity" |


Cartilage piercings need to be shown some love too! Our heart shaped, Cubic Zirconia pave hoop is delicate and perfect to express love or friendship. It is not only Stainless Steel, but comes in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold, so there’s a colour for all tastes and styles.


"Love Me" |


Diamond stud earrings are a classic Valentine’s Day gift that will never go out of style. However, not everyone can afford diamonds. We have a selection of Cubic Zirconia studs that sparkle like diamonds and will last as long due to their durability.






The key to a great gift is to find out what she truly loves. If she loves small sparkly hoops, or delicate necklaces, don’t be afraid to buy those items. If your money is best spent on items other than diamond rings or earrings, our collections of matching jewellery or statement pieces will be the perfect gift for your girlfriend, fiancée, wife or best friend.


If you need help selecting the right piece of jewellery for the woman in your life this Valentine’s Day, head over to You can email us at anytime and we’ll be happy to help in any way.

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